Miss Anne

Pregaming because I arrived waaaaay to early because we were expecting traffic hit the road is crystal clear #sona  (at Reyes Barbeque Up Ayala Technohub)
I’m hoping my rest day will not be split next week so I can clean my incredibly messy room. #splitoff
Braiding session part 2 at work :))
We’re so happy to be at work today! Yay. 😤
Just arrived at work and already wanting to go home 😴 #beanie #tattoos #blonde #ashblonde
Get your grind on and make #Monday your b*tch 👊 #marvelousmonday #survivingfiscal #blonde #eyeglasses #lace
Going home 👋
Still celebrating 💫
I don’t even understand colors anymore. The box said ash brown, what part of this is ash brown 😤 #ash (at Pho Hoa Sm Fairview)
Nene 😆 #tbt
Our #superdry hoodies arrived at our doorstep really quick! Just in time for July gloomy and yuck weather ☔️
Go Away #bonnet to cover up my inch long undyed roots
I might be obsessed with my friend’s cap
Dead tired.